Turning a passion into work and ambition is a dream of many.

We at iDeAwine have done this and we aim to provide our personal body  of knowledge of wine and all the wonderful  things that surround it : territory , history, passion , food and legend.

We grew up in a country where  wine accompanies our meals every day, and so has been enjoyed and appreciated by  our mothers and fathers, our grandparents , and our ancestors throughout many centuries.

We are dedicated to looking for quality wines still unknown to the general public and are fortunate that  our country , Italy , allows us to do just this .

Many growers are doing their utmost  every day to produce exceptional wines  according to the rules issued by the legal standards and by  history, whilst  each adding those little secrets that make different  their product unique  , we would say exclusive .

Through our ongoing  research we have discovered the realities of small business owners who work passionately and tirelessly to make wines of exceptional quality .

We proudly represent them and we are certain that our buyers will be satisfied , considering them their first choice .

Ideawine is a brokerage firm , based in London, that deals mainly in Italian wines, select wines from other countries,  and food.

Our company has developed from a twenty year friendship between Diego and Andrea and their shared  passion for wine and good things .

Travelling the world  for business they have, and continue to,  cultivate, refine and strengthen friendships around the globe.

Ideawine  already counts among its customers many award winning winemakers , Italians and foreign,  and we are partnered with companies involved in selling wine online.

Ideawine is a brokerage firm based in London that deals mainly of Italian wines (but not only), food and business projects. We offer consulting services, Sommelier wine – Manager advice, events organization.

Comes from a twenty years friendship between Diego and Andrea and their common passion for wine, food and good things.

Globetrotting for business, they always cultivated, refined and strengthened friendships