Casa Divina Provvidenza (Lazio)

Founded in 1890, the “Casa Divina Provvidenza” Farm, surrendered from the Vatican to the Cosmi family, has returned to its ancient splendor, focusing on tradition, on the history of a territory such as Neptune and on the rediscovery of native vines, a unique heritage in Lazio. Of 2 centuries. The Cosmos are 3 year-old wine-growers, devoted to the valorization of a wonderful fruit of the earth: grapes.

The Cosmi Family

Peter’s footsteps, founder of the company, were followed by Fernando and Agnese, who with the strength and sacrifice of their work, and with the constancy of the audacity that belongs to the true peasants, created the important pillars of what Today it has become a company for the production of high quality wines. Adelaide and Piera, who today demonstrate a lot of love for viticulture, together with Marco Delli Zotti, the company’s oenologist, dream of making the most of native vines shine in the name of a region with centuries of winery history: “Lazio “.

The territory

The structure of Nettuno’s soil and above all the part of the coast near the sea is predominantly made up of a hard stone, the “Macco”. Huge are the caves formed by this stone on the coast and across the city of Neptune. Used as a refuge during the war, and later, returning to the oldest story, as wine storage booths. The olive trees and the pine trees frame the vineyard and cradle the farmhouse, witnessing the love and respect for the landscape and the great history to which the Cellar belongs.


The company has chosen to make the most of its tradition by producing quality wines, with modern technologies, choosing the best machinery and specializing, combining ancient values ​​and modernity, creating a value-for-money enterprise that believes in the future and in the work . Today, a wing of the farmhouse is the occasional home of the owners, while the rest is dedicated to the processing of wine, up to the bottling and packaging of the product. Next to the cellar there is the Enoteca Aziendale with the tasting room, a destination for tourists and local people.