Vinica (Molise)

VINICA is a project born in 2008, where uninhabited and abandoned lands, dedicated to sustainable and natural agriculture, return to their own fruits. Along with the vines, the company cultivates olive groves and vegetables for a total area of ​​220 hectares in organic conversion.

As nature marks the times, VINICA has succeeded in supporting them, creating an excellent production of wines and other products. We believe that the vine and its territory are in symbiosis and need respect and continued cure. The company works with conservative cultivation techniques and only with the use of natural products both in vineyard and cellar. The grapes are harvested manually and the fermentations start due to the indigenous yeasts present in the grape skin.

No temperature control is controlled, no aromatic extraction products are used to clarify it, and to keep in the wine all the characteristics that the grape has given us, we do not perform any filtration. Aware that working in this way our wines will be the pure expression of the territory.