Dealcoholised wine begins its life like a normal wine, from the grapes, following normal fermentation processes.
Alcohol can be removed in different ways, the most well known is reverse osmosis and it depends on the producers, but what is sure and common is that the original wine where it comes from must be high quality.
Final product looks like and has got the taste of a traditional wine but alcohol percentage is less than 0.5%; the one we are glad to represent is 0% absolute.
Princess Alternativa 0.0 wines do not contain alcohol at all and are also Halal certified.
Positive aspects and health properties of this product have been mentioned and published in a magazine, circulation research, where have been demonstrated that antioxidants, called polifenoli like catechine and resveratrolo, could contribute and help to reduce cardiovascular risks and thanks to the alcohol removed the dealcholised wines contain less calories.
Alternativa dealcoholised wine is not a grape juice.
Alternativa dealcoholised wine is obtained by extracting alcohol from a fermented wine.
Alcohol is 0.0% certified.
The method doesn’t involve chemical substances.
The method doesn’t ruin wine organoleptic properties.
Alternativa dealcoholised wine has to be kept in a fresh place and far away from intense light.
Alternativa dealcoholised wine put in evidence grape properties without alcohol negative effects.
Alternativa dealcoholised wine is Italian and Unique and we like presenting it in this way.